Deposition techniques

Deposition techniques

Laser cladding troubleshooting

Problems with laser cladding?

Problem Cause Solution
Deposit peels off 1. Poor preparation of the surface (oxidized or dirty surface)
2. Too low preheating temperature
3. Too fast cladding speed
4. Wrong parameters / Bad bonding
Clean the surface well
Increase preheat
Increase power

1. Overheating / too high welding power, too high dilution
2. Too low preheating temperature

3. Too fast cooling
4. Critical base material

Reduce welding power
Use preheating
Reduce cooling speed
Slow cooling / controlled cooling
Use buffer layer


1. Poor preparation of the surface
2. Incorrect parameters (welding power, up-slope, down-slope)

Clean the surface well
Sand blast well
Adjust parameters


1. Incorrect particle size
2. Too low temperature in the cooling water results in condensation
3. None spherical particles in the powder used

Reduce fines content
Adjust and control the cooling water temperature

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