Laser cladding powders

AMPERWELD® Carbide powders

AMPERWELD Cast Tungsten Carbide (CTC) powders is the highest quality CTC available on the market. Characterized by the ultra-fine feather-like eutectic microstructure, it offers hardness and toughness values not found in conventional CTCs.
AMPERWELD Macroline® Tungsten Carbide (MTC) powders is designed to offer the wear resistance and toughness of AMPERWELD CTC with the thermal stability of monocrystalline tungsten carbide. By resisting dissolution during welding, AMPERWELD MTC is suitable for the most demanding applications including multi-layers and high temperature welding techniques. With MTC, it is possible to design new matrix materials such as iron-base alloys.


Other grades are available upon request.


Typical applications

• Brake pad formulations
• Corrosion resistance parts
• Hot working tools
• Grain growth inhibitor

Cobalt (Co) based

Rockit® Iron (Fe) based

Iron (Fe) based

AMPERIT® Nickel (Ni) based

AMPERWELD® Nickel (Ni) based

Nickel (Ni) based

AMPERWELD® alloys and others

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