Inductor Solutions

Coolfix – Efficient cooling and mounting inductor solutions

Our patent pending solution offers several mounting alternatives and cable connection options. Moreover, its robust construction and fastening options ensure reliable long-term operation in demanding applications.

Coolfix® opens up a variety of mounting alternatives. Its robust construction and fastening options ensure reliable long-term operation in demanding applications. By also adding flexibility to cable connection, there are countless inductor placement options at your disposal.

Excellent control of EMI/EMC

Coolfix provides excellent control of electromagnetic interference (EMI). It is a great solution to achieve highest possible power density without causing system disturbance. The inclusion of endplates adds more benefits by eliminating magnetic flux leakage and thereby preventing unexpected losses

Smaller and/or lower temperature

Having excellent thermal management extends the operating life of inductors and enables a high packing factor. Coolfix has the ability to reduce the temperature of the inductor surface as well as the coil. This makes it possible to increase the power rating or to reduce the inductor size without exceeding critical temperatures.

Endless possibilities

With endless mounting possibilities and several cooling options, patent pending Coolfix® combined with our inductors provides a superior solution ready to be integrated in your inverter system.

Mounting alternatives:

  • Cables down with lid and screw fastening
  • Cables down with mounting brackets and screw fastening
  • Cables down with self-threading screw fastening
  • Cables to the side with lid and screw fastening
  • Cables to the side with long screw fastening