Powder mixes

Höganäs delivers powder solutions for the component manufacturer in press-ready flex-bags which are ideal for transporting and emptying directly onto your press for optimal performance.


  • Press-ready to your workshop
  • Tailor-made properties to for best productivity, performance and cost
  • Access to a wide range of different alloys and additives
  • Worldwide support and service to optimise your performance


Starmix 400
Starmix 500i
Starmix 800
Starmix BOOST


Intralube E
Intralube HD
Intralube S





Additives in mixes

Hard-phase additive powders for usage in powder mixes for pressed and sintered components in wear applications are also offered. These additives are produced through water-atomization, gas-atomization or a micronization process.

A simple way of improving the process is to use a material with enhanced machinability. By adding small portions of machinability enhancing materials to the powder mix for component production, you can significantly increase tool life (or productivity) and improve the surface finish of the components.

Main benefits:

  • Higher productivity
  • Increased tool life
  • Improved surface finish
  • Machining operation

Machinability Enhancing Solutions brochure