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Machining of powder metallurgy (PM) steels is often required to achieve very high tolerances, provide a desired surface finish or add features that are not possible to make in an economic way or due to engineering difficulties, for example holes perpendicular to the compaction direction.

Achieving better machinability is crucial to enable cost savings and productivity improvements in the manufacturing of PM components. Höganäs’ machining solutions, supported by decades of experience and know-how in when utilising conventional and advanced machining enhancers, can help customers optimise cutting conditions and perform troubleshooting for higher productivity and longer tool life.
We have successfully assisted our customers to achieve improved machining performances for various PM components, for example planetary carriers, sprockets, synchro hubs, connecting rods and VVT components through production trials based on our laboratory evaluations.
Our state-of-the-art testing capabilities provide machining assessment on PM components made from various PM material compositions. Typical machining operations like drilling, turning, facing and grooving can be performed on components in either green or sintered state by in-house CNC machines at our machining testing hub.