Metal Injection Molding (MIM)

The Metal Injection Molding technology allows economical production of small precision components with a high geometric complexity for small and large volumes.
With Metal Injection Molding almost any metal can be processed to net-shape or near net-shape parts with complex geometries that exhibit special physical and mechanical properties.

Typical applications are:

  • Medical (surgical instruments, implants, dental brackets)
  • Automotive (valves, miniature gears, engine components)
  • Industrial Engineering (machinery parts)
  • IT (hard disc drives and drive parts, fiber optic connectors)
  • Consumer (tool bits, jewelry, watch chains)

Ampersint® high-alloyed metal powders

AMPERSINT 0704 Stainless Steel 316L
AMPERSINT 0711 17-4 PH
AMPERSINT 0715 Stainless Steel 304L
AMPERSINT 0718 Stainless Steel 317F
AMPERSINT 0742 15-5 PH

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