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Build large parts with cold spraying for additive manufacturing

Cold spray additive manufacturing is a particular application of the cold spraying process, which are used to produce freestanding parts or to build features on existing components.

Cold spraying is a coating deposition method, where fine powder particles are accelerated in a high-velocity gas stream. During impact with the object, the particles deform and bond together, creating a layer on the surface. To achieve a consistent thickness, the spraying nozzle is moved repeatedly along the object. A deposit is building up layer-by-layer, to form a part or component.

The cold spray additive manufacturing process differs from selective laser melting or electron-beam additive manufacturing where the feedstock is melted. With cold spray additive manufacturing no melting of the metal powder occurs, since it is a solid-state coating deposition process. There is no heat-related distortion and no special protective atmosphere is required. This enables to build up structures layer-by-layer, thus allowing very large objects to be built or repaired.

Metals and metal matrix composite materials are types of powders than can be deposited using cold spray additive manufacturing.

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Technical area: Additive manufacturing
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