Deposition techniques

Deposition techniques

Efficient deposition with cold spraying

Many advantages make cold spraying very competitive.

With cold spraying, metal powders are sprayed with a supersonic compressed gas jet (nitrogen or helium) at very high velocity and at temperatures below their melting point. The impact binds the particles onto the surface and thick layers of deposited material can be built up rapidly. The deposition efficiency is very high, above 90 percent in some cases.

Cold spraying can be used to deposit a range of metals, including copper, aluminium, bronze, super alloys and steel.

The cold spraying technique is used to repair worn-out components. It is also used to provide protection against corrosion and abrasion or to improve properties such as thermal and electrical conductivity. The process is common in the aerospace, automotive, energy, military, electronics and medical industries.

Some of the advantages of cold spraying include high density and hardness of coatings, high thermal and electrical conductivity of coatings and low energy consumption. Other benefits include the possibility to spray very small particles, no toxic waste and a minimum of preparation.

Cold spraying technology can also be utilised in additive manufacturing to develop parts faster than other additive manufacturing methods.

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