Surface Coating

Surface Coating

– ultimate endurance

Are you looking for the perfect surface coating solution that fits your needs?

Surface coating is an economical method to achieve high performance characteristics on exposed surfaces, e.g. by welding overlays or by thermal spraying.

A metal object can be surface coated on the exposed area to achieve high wear, corrosion resistance or thermal insulation. Surface coating can also be used to repair damaged parts. Complete part replacement is then unnecessary and this refurbishment effectively extends the lifetime of the part.

The common denominator for all of these applications is the need to achieve wear, corrosion, heat, abrasion and/or impact resistance. This combination of properties needs a dedicated surface coating powder formulation for the specific application.

Our powders are particularly suited to the needs of surface coating processes and applications such as powder welding, flame spraying, plasma spraying, HVOF (high
velocity oxy-fuel), HVAF (high velocity air-fuel), PTA (plasma transferred arc), laser cladding and cold spraying.

Coatings are today standard practice for many applications in a wide range of industries:

  • Agriculture
  • Automotive
  • Chemistry
  • Energy
  • Earth moving machines
  • General machinery
  • Glass mould
  • Marine
  • Paper and printing
  • Petrochemical
  • Plastic extrusion
  • Repair and replacement
  • Solid oxide fuel cells
  • Steel manufacture
  • Turbine industries
  • Oil and gas
  • Oilsands

Surface coating deposition techniques

Our brands stand for high quality and reliability in the global surface coating market

Our business is defined by our customer focus and customer partnerships, which have made us one of the most successful spray powder manufacturers in the world. Working with original equipmet manufacturers (OEM) is our tradition.

In order to meet customers' needs in coating processes, we pay particular attention to specific requirements of controlled chemistries, precisely defined grain forms and morphologies, as well as adjusted particle size distributions.

Over the past few decades. we have acquired the necessary knowledge of how to develop new materials and recycling processes, and how to improve the products we provide to our customers.

Rockit® 606/706 powders are designed to improve the performance of components operating in the toughest environments where impact and severe abrasive wear occur.
Find out more about abrasive wear with Rockit here.

Comprehensive application engineering offers a unique advantage for Amperit® powders, ranging from parameter development to complete coating solutions.

Under the brand name Amperweld®, Höganäs is a quality supplier of metals and alloy powders for surface welding. 
Each of our Amperweld powders is designed for a specific welding process with tightly controlled particle size distribution and morphology.

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The range of surface coating equipment techniques and powders in use has grown in pace with the growth of the surface coating industry. 

We produce a full range of nickel-, iron- and cobalt-based atomised powders for all kind of applications and industry areas. Get inspired among some of our highlights.

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ArcX coating hub

ArcX Your starting point for innovation

Expert know-how in materials, surface welding and flame spraying processes and customer applications make our ArcX technology centres an exclusive resource in your work to optimise existing applications and develop new business opportunities.

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Metallpulver bidrar till hållbar utveckling

Metallpulverteknik erbjuder obegränsade möjligheter. Våra kunder kan inte bara reducera material- och energiförbrukning, utan också utnyttja nya och bättre lösningar som gör slutprodukten effektivare och billigare.

Vi tror att den inbyggda kraften i metallpulver kan användas i betydligt större utsträckning än vad som är fallet idag. Vi är också övertygade om att metallpulver kan bidra till en hållbar miljö. Med metallpulverlösningar kan vi bidra till att lösa många problem i samhället, till exempel resursbrist och behov av förnybar energi.

Metallpulver bidrar till hållbar utveckling