Find your metal powder for 3D printing with <strong>PowderFinder</strong>

Find your metal powder for 3D printing with PowderFinder

Tool steels – the very core of your tooling equipment

Tool steels combine high hardness, wear and temperature resistance and are used to produce moulds, stamps and cutting tools in multiple industries. Combining an iron base with different alloying elements creates a variety of tool steels with different properties.

Tooling consists of components used for creating geometrical shapes in different production processes. These processes include casting, cutting, extrusion, injection moulding, stamping and assembly. Tooling components are often produced in low volumes, so choosing a durable and cost-effective tool steel is vital.

The additive manufacturing technology provides substantial benefits for industries in need of tool steels for their tooling equipment. For instance, moulding tools can easily be designed and manufactured with internal cooling channels thanks to additive manufacturing.

Höganäs offers forAM® metal powders for all kinds of tool steel applications. The offering covers a wide range of industrial demands in terms of cost, properties and standardisation level.  

forAM® tool steel metal powders

When superior strength and toughness is your No. 1 priority

Maraging steel 18Ni300, 1.2709

Maraging steel is a carbon-free iron-nickel alloy where cobalt, molybdenum, titanium and aluminium are added. The term maraging steel is a blend of the two words ‘martensitic’ and ‘aging’, reflecting the special heat treatment process when steel microstructure transforms into martensite during aging. Maraging steels are known for their superior strength and toughness without losing ductility.

When superior strength and toughness is your No. 1 priority

Maraging steel 18Ni300, 1.2709

Thanks to its low carbon content, maraging steel has good machinability. Maraging steels also offer good weldability, but must be aged afterwards to restore the original properties to the heat-affected zone. When a maraging steel part is heat-treated, the alloy has very little dimensional change. This is why it is often machined to its final dimensions before the heat treatment.

When superior strength and toughness is your No. 1 priority

Maraging steel 18Ni300, 1.2709

Maraging steels have very high and stable mechanical properties. The steels are used for construction components in the aerospace industry, as well as for production of different types of tools and moulds. The ability of the additive manufacturing process to create internal cooling channels makes maraging steel powder a great choice for manufacturing of polymer injection moulds.

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