Get extreme
– use Rockit®

Combat impact, abrasive wear and corrosion with Rockit

Höganäs’ patented Rockit® alloys are developed to protect components operating in tough environments. The innovative specialty alloys provide several metallurgical advantages, such as improved impact, abrasive wear and corrosion resistance. Reduce the total cost of ownership by extending service lives with our Rockit solutions.

Rockit 606/706 – improved impact and abrasive wear resistance

Rockit 606/706 are designed to improve the performance and lifetime of components operating in environments where both impact and severe abrasive wear occur.

Abrasive wear dominates many applications and the current industrial solution is to use MMCs (metal matrix carbides) such as NiCrBSi/WC. However, the impact wear resistance tends to be low, as high abrasive wear resistant materials are brittle by nature.

Rockit 606 and Rockit 706 feature a unique combination of high impact and abrasive wear resistance and are robust to process variations.

The recommended choice for laser cladding is Rockit 606, while Rockit 706 is ideal for the Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA) welding process.

If you’re looking for a solid AR steel solution, Rockit 606 and 706 are your preferred choice.

Main product features of Rockit 606/706:

  • Excellent welding properties with nice and smooth deposit
  • Homogenous hardness within deposition layers
  • Exceptional impact and abrasive wear properties

Typical applications for Rockit 606/706:

  • Oil & Gas: stabilizers, bent housings and drill bits
  • Mining & Construction: Hydraulic cylinder parts, rotary vane wheels, crusher rolls & rings, ground engagement tools (GET) such as scraper blades, bucket lips and wear plates

Rockit 606/706, improved impact and abrasive wear resistance

Rockit 401 – Höganäs' sustainable solution to replace hard chrome plating 

Hydraulic cylinders, like roof support cylinders used in coal mining, require a smooth surface with wear and/or corrosion resistance. Traditionally, they were treated by hard chrome plating.

With the tougher environmental legislations related to the usage of hexavalent chrome (Cr6+), industries are looking for alternatives with not only environmental, but also technical and cost benefits.

Laser cladding with Rockit 401 presents several metallurgical advantages compared with conventional hard chrome plating. 

Main product features of Rockit 401:

  • Advantages over hard chrome plating
    • Creates a thicker layer than hard chrome plating
    • Strong metallurgic bonding
    • Minimised risk for porosity and cracking
    • Environmentally friendly process
  • Reduces total cost of ownership by extending service life
  • Unique combination of wear and corrosion resistance
  • Excellent welding properties
  • Good machinability

Rockit 401, sustainable solution to replace hard chrome plating

Typical applications for Rockit 401:

  • Cylinders for various industries, such as mining, construction, oil and gas


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Technical area: Surface coating
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