Metal powder solutions for your industry

Metal powder solutions for your industry

The markets we serve

Today, our metal powders are used in a wide range of industries and applications, where they offer entirely new possibilities to create more effective, lighter products with a reduced environmental impact.

Metal powders are used in thousands of applications – products and solutions that are part of our everyday lives.

When used in the industrial sector, they enable life-cycle optimised component design, energy and resourceefficient production, reduced need for final product maintenance and ease of recycling.

Wherever there is need for metal powders, you can find a Höganäs' solution. Choose your industry below and find out how.

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At Höganäs, our vision is to “Inspire industry to make more with less”.

We believe that our metal powders technology provides opportunities that enable our customers not only to reduce their material and energy consumption, but also deliver more efficient and less expensive products.

We are also convinced that with metal powder solutions we can contribute to solving many of the world’s greatest challenges, such as resource scarcity, shortage of clean water and the need for renewable energy.

Soft Magnetic Composites in Electric motors

Electric motors impact almost every aspect of modern society. They are used in most industrial processes and at some point in the manufacturing of nearly every conceivable product that is produced in a modern factory. Hair dryers, fans, air conditioners, refrigerators and freezers, vacuum cleaners and food blenders, and a multitude of other appliances we use in our daily lives all use electric motors to convert electrical energy to mechanical energy. 

The electric motor is now also rapidly being established as the foundation of future transportation in hybrid and battery electric cars, and furthermore as electric drive source of former mechanical auxiliary systems such as pumps and A/C compressors.

How Soft Magnetic Composites can revolution Electric motors

The technologies we serve

A few exampels of industrial applications of our metal powders.

Metallpulver bidrar till hållbar utveckling

Metallpulverteknik erbjuder obegränsade möjligheter. Våra kunder kan inte bara reducera material- och energiförbrukning, utan också utnyttja nya och bättre lösningar som gör slutprodukten effektivare och billigare.

Vi tror att den inbyggda kraften i metallpulver kan användas i betydligt större utsträckning än vad som är fallet idag. Vi är också övertygade om att metallpulver kan bidra till en hållbar miljö. Med metallpulverlösningar kan vi bidra till att lösa många problem i samhället, till exempel resursbrist och behov av förnybar energi.

Metallpulver bidrar till hållbar utveckling