Metal powder solutions for your industry

The markets we serve

Today, our metal powders are used in a wide range of industries and applications, where they offer entirely new possibilities to create more effective, lighter products with a reduced environmental impact.

Metal powders are used in thousands of applications – products and solutions that are part of our everyday lives.

When used in the industrial sector, they enable life-cycle optimized component design, energy and resourceefficient production, reduced need for final product maintenance and ease of recycling.

Wherever there is need for metal powders, you can find a Höganäs' solution. Choose your industry below and find out how.

Tune up for top preformance

There are two fundamental ways to improve profit: reducing costs and increasing sales. We believe we can do both. Höganäs high precision Fe-Cu-C toolbox for improved operational excellence.

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The technologies we serve

A few exampels of industrial applications of our metal powders.



私たちは、金属粉の可能性は、現在利用されているよりもはるかに幅広く活用できるものだと信じています。 また、金属粉が持続可能な開発に貢献できることに確信を持っています。 金属粉末ソリューションを使用することで、資源の不足、清潔な水の不足、再生可能エネルギーの必要性など、社会が直面している多くの課題を解決することに貢献できます