Cost-effective metal components are compacted and sintered

Sintered metal components are cost-effective metal components

Here we highlight the benefits with the compaction and sintering method when aiming for the manufacture of cost-effective metal components.

Sintered components are cost-effective as they are manufactured in large series with high productivity and low energy consumption. Simply put, it is cheap to press and sinter large series in one and the same tool, because the press and sintering furnace have high productivity and low energy consumption and cost.

Cost-effective metal components are obtained when material utilisation in the production process is close to 100 percent, and when the manufacturing process has high productivity and is efficient, which is the case for pressing and sintering. There is no need to process it in several steps such as with machining, casting or forging methods where a lot of material needs to be removed to obtain the final shape of the part. These steps add unnecessary costs and leaves residual scrap, which is not environmentally friendly.

Saving operation costs

A shorter production process chain also leads to cost-effective metal components. With fewer operations per part, it reduces the number of machines and working stations needed, which in turn means lower investment and maintenance costs as well as reduced need for large production facilities.

Another important factor for achieving cost-effective metal components is to ensure the part can be designed in one piece despite a complex design.

All of these benefits above are obtained when using the compaction and sintering method when in need for cost-effective metal components.


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