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Construction & Mining

Metal powder technology for mining and construction equipment

Our premium powder metallurgy solutions for mining and construction equipment improve operating life, opening up new opportunities to reduce material consumption and increase efficiency.

At Höganäs, we understand the drive for resilient, high performance machinery that can withstand the demanding environments found in construction and mining. 

Using the latest laser cladding technology, our exceptionally resistant metal powder surfaces can dramatically prolong the lifetime of a range of excavation and road building equipment, including bucket wear plates, digging teeth and hydraulic parts. 

Höganäs has successfully replaced hazardous chrome plating with hard metal powder coating on hydraulic cylinder rods used for lifting heavy loads in mining. As a result, superior metallurgical bonding has minimised porosity, enhancing corrosion resistance and eliminating the risk of cracking. 

We believe the potential for metal powder solutions in this industry area is limitless. We are trialling our ideas in other application areas, paving the way for safer, more cost-effective and sustainable alternatives to current processes in construction and mining. 

Our main areas of expertise

  • The ability to introduce new applications, such as net components that reduce material waste and stronger surfaces that minimise customer downtime, in complex mining and construction operations.
  • Bespoke metal powder technologies to suit specific application techniques.
  • Problem solving in close partnership with our customers.
  • A legacy of reliable, high quality metallurgy solutions and an in-depth knowledge of a range of application areas relevant to this sector.



私たちは、金属粉の可能性は、現在利用されているよりもはるかに幅広く活用できるものだと信じています。 また、金属粉が持続可能な開発に貢献できることに確信を持っています。 金属粉末ソリューションを使用することで、資源の不足、清潔な水の不足、再生可能エネルギーの必要性など、社会が直面している多くの課題を解決することに貢献できます