A comprehensive range of copper powders

Our range of copper powders includes both our unique GLIDCOP® copper alloy system and forAM® copper powders for 3D printing components. When excellent electrical and thermal conductivity is required, these copper powders are well suited to do the job.

At Höganäs, our copper alloy powders and copper 3D printing powders are developed with a deep understanding of our customers’ applications and processes. With GLIDCOP you get a non-heat treatable copper alloy system where the aluminium oxide particles are thermally stable. The result is a combination of high strength and high conductivity. GLIDCOP is offered in different grades to serve a broad range of requirements.

Our copper powders for additive manufacturing applications are designed with the highest purity for good printability. They can be used for a wide range of AM technologies.

Find your copper powders at Höganäs:



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