Powering the sky

Aerospace & Turbines

Turbine and aerospace component solutions

The use of materials that are safe, light and durable is crucial in the manufacture of complex turbine and aerospace components. At Höganäs, we strive to develop new, sustainable and successful metal and ceramic powder solutions in this ever-evolving industry.

Increasingly stringent requirements define the aerospace sector and shape how turbines and other important components, such as landing gears, are made. We understand that aviation manufacturers are continually working to improve performance and reduce fuel cost and emissions. As a solutions provider, Höganäs devises optimum technologies alongside its aerospace customers, helping them to meet this industry’s challenges – primarily within additive manufacturing and surface coating applications.

Our innovative metal powders enable the production of highly resilient, more intricate 3D-printed aviation components. Moreover, Höganäs surface coatings are exceptionally resistant, not only to mechanical wear, but also to corrosion, oxidation and the extreme temperatures found in turbines and combustion engines.

Ultimately, our metal and ceramic powder solutions are safe, they improve fuel efficiency, increase lifetime and performance expectations, and lower maintenance costs. This is the Power of Powder, where less is infinitely more.

Our main areas of expertise

  • In extreme turbine and combustion engine environments, our AMPERIT® powders for thermal barrier and bonding coatings, improve oxidation and corrosion resistance at high temperatures and reduce the surface temperature of engine components. This makes the operation of new turbines at significantly higher temperatures possible.
  • For moving parts, such as landing or helicopter gears, AMPERIT improves wear and corrosion resistance and friction behaviour.
  • Homogenous production that meets high reproducibility demands without changing the manufacturing parameters.



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