ArcX technology centres

ArcX technology centres

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Material – process – application At Höganäs, we believe the maximised application performance comes from the combination of the right material and the right process. By working with us, you will have complete access to our world-class product portfolio, multitude process, and application knowledge to identify the best coating application solutions for your needs.

Coating development in ArcX

Our experts specialising in materials, processes, and customer applications make ArcX a unique development partner with full end-to-end knowledge. From concept development, prototyping, and process optimisation to taking them to the market. We provide you with the right material, for the right process to the right application.

Focus on customer satisfaction

Material development and innovation

We get inspiration and input for material innovation from the cooperation between ArcX and our customers.

We research and develop next-generation material solutions tailored to both new and existing coating demands and trends. The concept from material innovation will be further validated by our ArcX surface coating technology centres. Every day, our first-in-class experts specialise in material science and engineering work across the world, connecting with external partners, customers, and end users to bring the best thinking and ideas together, then put them into practice.

Data-driven approach to develop new material concepts

With our multi-scale material modelling experts predicting the physical, mechanical, wear and corrosion properties of new products, we are capable of applying ICME (Integrated Computational Material Engineering) for generating new product concepts. Instead of extensive traditional empirical alloy experimentations, we first screen out the most optimal solutions through materials genomic databases and process structure modelling and simulation, then proceed to practical experiments with time and cost efficiency.

Translate science into product through powder engineering

Thanks to our world-class manufacturing process and material characterisation and analysis experts, we produce the pilot powder based on the new material concept. Then we test and validate the new material whether it could fulfil defined physical, mechanical, wear and corrosion property requirements for the target application in ArcX.

Scale-up validation to achieve industrial production

We are pushing the boundaries with continuous progress while optimising the material for real-life production. The collaboration between product development experts and manufacturing process experts, as well as the high-quality and consistent production route ensure the new materials are of the same properties and qualities in the industrial production environment as we had in the pilot test, with less operating cost and increased productivity. We are striving to create new materials that can achieve the best thinking and ideas in our vision for industrial production.


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