Welding – Improve product performance to increase productivity

Adding iron powders to covered electrodes, flux cored wires and metal cored wires is today well established. However, as the customers’ demand on product performance continues to increase, the technical development of the filler metals must also go on. 

At Höganäs, we have more than 70 years of experience in designing and supplying iron powders for welding applications, which enables us to bring performance to your products to the benefit of your customers.

Why Höganäs powders?

  • Wide range of iron powders developed for welding applications
  • Narrow specifications
  • Consistent chemical and physical properties
  • Low level of impurities
  • Efficient logistics solutions and smart packaging


Improved welding characteristics

It is a well-known fact that additions of iron powder to covered electrode coatings contribute to improved welding characteristics. The results are often a smoother and more stable arc, lower spatter losses, improved re-strikin as well as good bead appearance and easy slag removal. With the Höganäs sponge powders, these advantages are often more notable.

Improved weld metal quality

Additions of high-purity iron powders in welding electrodes have a positive effect on final weld quality. This is particularly important for electrodes used for critical  applications and where the demands on mechanical properties are high.

Increased efficiency

Additions of iron powder to covered electrode coatings increase the metal recovery. Moreover, by diluting the electrode coating with iron powder, the heat generated during welding will be more efficiently utilised. Iron powder additions also allow covered electrodes to operate at higher amperages without overheating. All in all, this results in improved efficiency and higher deposition rates.