Metal injection moulding (MIM)

– Cost-effective production of small precision parts

Metal injection moulding – for production of small intricate parts

The metal injection moulding (MIM) technology allows for cost-effective production of small precision components with high complexity.

Many types of metals can be used to produce high-performance metal injection moulding (MIM) applications, ranging from automotive to medical and aerospace segments. Höganäs’ range of MIM products are engineered to provide optimal performance for a wide range of applications.

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Why metal injection moulding?

MIM provides:

  • Cost-effective production of high-volume parts with complex design
  • Net-shape capability minimising material waste
  • Enhanced mechanical properties reflecting fine particle size used and high sintered density achieved
  • Properties comparable to wrought alloys
  • High level of surface finish minimising post-treatment operations, such as mechanical finishing

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Technical area: 金属粉末注射成型
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This is metal injection moulding

MIM is a technology suitable for manufacturing complex parts with high precision in a cost-effective way, normally used in mass production. Metal powders and a binder system are mixed and pelletised to feedstock, which is then moulded and sintered to solid shapes.

MIM can use a variety of different materials and the density achieved after sintering provide high-performance properties. Thanks to the attractive combination of advanced shape, competitive cost and elevated properties, MIM components can be found in many types of applications such as automotive, general industry, tooling, medical, dental, aerospace, IT/ mobile phones and luxury goods.

The process technology is sometimes referred to as powder injection moulding (PIM) or metal powder injection moulding, which encompasses mass production of parts made of either metal (MIM) or ceramics (ceramic injection moulding).

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我们相信,因为金属粉末的固有能力,金属粉末的用途远比现在的用途更广泛。 我们也坚信,金属粉末能够促进可持续发展。通过金属粉末解决方案,我们可以为解决社会所面临的很多紧迫的挑战做出自己的贡献,如资源缺乏以及对可再生能源的需求。