Nickel powders for tough applications

Apart from being the world-leading iron powder producer, Höganäs provides its customers with nickel powders for use in everything from turbine blades to desalination plants, thanks to its strong corrosion-resistant properties.

Nickel powders are widely used in thousands of products. Nickel is very corrosion-resistant and has a very high melting point of 1,455 °C. At room temperature, nickel is one of the few ferromagnetic metals, but becomes non-magnetic above 355 °C.

Nickel powders are used in many different technologies including additive manufacturing (AM), brazing pastes for fuel cell applications, powder welding, Hot isostatic Pressing (HiP) and surface coating (flame spraying and cold spraying). At Höganäs, you can find a wide array of nickel powders for all these technologies. Our own brands of nickel powders include Amperit® and Surfit®, available in many different particle sizes and hardness strengths.

Find your nickel powders at Höganäs:



我们相信,因为金属粉末的固有能力,金属粉末的用途远比现在的用途更广泛。 我们也坚信,金属粉末能够促进可持续发展。通过金属粉末解决方案,我们可以为解决社会所面临的很多紧迫的挑战做出自己的贡献,如资源缺乏以及对可再生能源的需求。