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Create implants or aero engines with cobalt-chrome AM powders

Cobalt-chrome metal alloys were originally developed for aircraft engines and heat-resistant materials. Cobalt-chrome alloys have very outstanding strength and toughness as well as wear and corrosion resistance. Their corrosion resistance is better than that of stainless steel. In general, the cobalt-chrome alloy consists of chrome, cobalt and other metals such as molybdenum and nickel. Cobalt-chrome or cobalt-chromium is commonly used in complex and demanding applications such as gas turbines, and in medical and dental applications, but also for rings and other jewelry thanks to its biocompatibility. Cobalt-chrome alloys are often used for artificial joints and dental casting.

Amperprint® cobalt-based alloys (Co)

Our Amperprint cobalt-chrome alloys can be applied in biomedical applications. Besides that, they are perfectly suitable for demanding high-temperature applications such as aero engines. They are characterized by exceptional mechanical properties as well as high corrosion and temperature resistance.

Other cobalt-based alloys (Co)

Our range of standard cobalt-chrome alloys, we also offer customer-specific products, meets your particular requirements. The cobalt-chrome alloy powder characteristics are aligned with your needs and can be produced in any quantity, ranging from lab scale to industrial scale.

Customized AM metal powders

At Höganäs, we are convinced additive manufacturing with metal powders will reach mass production within the foreseeable future. And we believe it is crucial to develop and invest in tomorrow´s solutions…today.

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Technical area: Additive manufacturing
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