Be disrupted or die

Be disrupted or die



Automotive trend report

The automotive landscape is changing fast. To stay ahead, automakers must explore new ways to navigate it.

Rethinking vehicles component by component

Höganäs is the industry leader in powder metallurgy solutions globally. Now the company wants to help automakers gear up for the future. "We want to partner with design teams at OEMs and their Tier suppliers to show them how to make the best use of powder metallurgy technology for designs that are high-performing, compact and light but still well adapted for cost-effective volume production", says Lars-Olov Pennander, Business Development Manager, Electromagnetic Applications.

By carefully disassembling entire vehicles, the Höganäs team has identified over 30 components used in today’s pickup trucks, cars and hybrids that could significantly benefit from being produced using PM. The components range from tiny fluid pump gears to car bodies. 

PM also makes better engineering solutions possible. Take electric motors: Producing an electric motor using Soft Magnetic Composites PM allows for a lighter and more compact axial flux magnetic design. The solution is more efficient and less expensive than a standard electric motor. It also has a higher power and torque density. 

"Most electric vehicle motors have had the same basic design since they were invented over one hundred years ago", says Dirk Zepp, Business Development Manager at Höganäs. "But now the traditional electric motor designs are facing a wall in terms of further development. That’s where PM can provide additional value to customers."

The advantages of manufacturing automotive components using PM technology

  • Competitive volume production cost
  • Lightweight
  • High strength
  • Increased durability
  • Greater design flexibility
  • High power density electric motors
  • Simplified assembly of electric motors using fewer parts