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Looking for cost-effective production methods for durable metal components? Learn how to press and sinter metal components at Höganäs Academy.

Join Höganäs Academy and learn more about the capabilities and opportunities for pressed and sintered metal components.

By using metal powders in combination with the pressing and sintering production method, you can produce cost-effective and lighter metal components at a very low total cost. Pressing and sintering metal components is a cost-effective and sustainable production method since a very high percentage of the powder is used to build the component. The majority of the raw material to produce the metal powder comes from scrap, so it is also an environmentally friendly way to recycle metals instead of using new (virgin) material.

Sintered components can be used in many different industries and applications. The production method is especially favourable when producing small and light components with complex designs and in high volumes. Sintered components are commonly used in the automotive industry for making gears, planetary carriers and shock absorbers, but also for power tools and domestic appliances.

In our online courses at Höganäs Academy, you get access to everything from an easy-to-read overview of what sintered components are and how they are produced to profound process know-how on how to optimise production efficiency and quality.

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