Titanium powders – light, strong and corrosion resistant

Would you like to improve performance, strength and at the same time reduce the weight of your product? Titanium powders offer many desirable properties.

Titanium has the best ratio between strength and weight of all known metals. That makes it ideal for many industrial applications, and its popularity is growing. It is highly valued for its great strength and excellent corrosion resistance. Titanium powders can be used to produce everything from high-performing car components to light-weight aerospace parts. Titanium powders also have high biocompatibility properties, making titanium-based powders suitable for personalised medical and dental implants.

Titanium powders are well-suited to be used in additive manufacturing and is known for its near net shape possibilities, enabling minimal material loss and little or no need for traditional machining for obtaining the final component form. Höganäs has a broad range of titanium powders designed to fit different applications.

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我们相信,因为金属粉末的固有能力,金属粉末的用途远比现在的用途更广泛。 我们也坚信,金属粉末能够促进可持续发展。通过金属粉末解决方案,我们可以为解决社会所面临的很多紧迫的挑战做出自己的贡献,如资源缺乏以及对可再生能源的需求。