Abril Industrial Waxes

Additives for paints and printing inks

The use of waxes in the production of textured paints, sanding sealers, varnishes and printing inks has long been recognised for the beneficial properties imparted to the surface film in a variety of applications. The wax provides scuff resistance, water repellence, matting textures and improved flow and pigment suspension.

ABRIL 1033 beads and ABRIL 1071 are good performers in this role.

Recommended products

A substitute of defoamers, foundry resins, wax blends, paints, inks, lacquers, oils / greases.

Melting point: 140 ° C

Widely applicable as an additive in the compounding and processing of thermoplastics, performing as an outstanding internal and external lubricant. 

Non-toxic product. 

F&DA approved for many food contact applications.

Melting point: 140 ° C