Abril Industrial Waxes

Polymer lubricants

The use of compounding lubricants has been a necessity since the thermoplastic polymer industry began. Developments over the years have increased this demand as new polymers have been developed and polymer types and formulations have become more comprehensive. The range of lubricants manufactured by Abril, first started in 1945 and, based on differing synthetic waxes make their own contribution to the polymer industry.

Typically they provide the following benefits:

  • Reduction of localised frictional overheating
  • Reduction of melt viscosity without affecting performance of the finished product
  • Higher output through reduced cycle times
  • Faster and even dispersion of additives

Recommended products

ABRIL 1041
ABRIL 7731
ABRIL 9031

Abril 10-series products

ABRIL 1021
ABRIL 1031
ABRIL 1041
ABRIL 1051
ABRIL 1061
ABRIL 1071
ABRIL 1091