Abril Industrial Waxes

Abril Industrial Waxes

Wax blends

Wax blends provide an opportunity for the formulator to combine different properties to suit the desired end result and application. Compatibility of different waxes is a vital consideration in the selection of a particular formulation. The properties of low cost waxes can be enhanced by the addition of other dissimilar waxes, often in small amounts. ABRIL 7731 is a valued performer in this role. Compatible with virtually all natural and petroleum based waxes ABRIL 7731 can upgrade the performance and appearance and lower the cost of traditional formulations.

Recommended products

Lubricant in the compounding and processing of thermoplastics, providing efficient internal and external lubricity.

F&DA food contact approval with cellophane , easily emulsifiable wax, compatible with natural and petroleum waxes.

Melting Point: 76 ° C