29/09/2014 Digital Metal,Additive manufacturing,Automotive & Transportation

Digital Metal® extends capacity

Two new printers, designed in-house, will be taken into production at the end of Q3 2014. With a total of four printers and a bigger staff, Digital Metal is well prepared to meet the market demand.

The original printer design was implemented in Q2 2013 and has been the base for the two new printers. The print fleet now consists of totally four printers and with added capacity--including a bigger staff--Digital Metal will be ready to take care of the increased interest in the technology.

"I think the interest is based on our ability to offer a combination of good tolerances, surface finish and detailed accuracy. These benefits are further enhanced by the ability to offer high productivity. The printing takes place at room temperature without melting, and post treatment is facilitated by eliminating the need of building support," says Ralf Carlström, Director Digital Metal.

Digital Metal will continue to build more printers based on the evolving market demands.