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Energy & Thermal Management

Innovative energy solutions

Cost-effective and sustainable metal powder solutions that support the drive towards renewable energy for a brighter future.

At Höganäs, we strive to provide innovative metal powder technology that meet the ongoing challenges of the progressive energy and thermal management sector.

We work in partnership with our customers, providing successful powder surface coatings that are able to withstand the extreme conditions found in energy production, prolonging operating life and improving cost-efficiency. Our thermal barrier surfaces are exceptionally resistant to the high temperatures found in industrial gas turbines. They also dramatically improve the lifespan of machinery used in the abrasive, high-pressure drilling environments of the oil & gas industry.

Höganäs continues to deliver pioneering thermal management solutions for complex heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) applications. We remain at the forefront of metal powder inductor production, offering flexible, compact electronic design possibilities, lower manufacturing costs and enhanced performance, in particular for heat pumps and industrial air conditioning, but also within the solar energy sector.

From soft magnetic composites that enable small and efficient electric motors for HVAC compressors and fans, to premium brazing paste for heat exchangers that harvest solar power, our unrivalled range of products and expertise in both thermal management and renewable energy is growing. We believe the opportunities for sustainable metal powder innovation in this constantly evolving industry area are limitless.

Our main areas of expertise

  • Global leaders of highly resilient metal powder surface coatings, suitable for a range of applications within the energy sector.
  • Pioneering inductor and soft magnetic composite technology that meet the sustainability demands of the renewable energy sector.
  • A strong focus on identifying and developing sustainable values for our customers and partners.
  • A long tradition of innovation and close working relationships within this industry area, fundamental to finding and developing effective solutions for the future.

Os pós metálicos contribuem para um desenvolvimento sustentável

A tecnologia de pós metálicos oferece inúmeras oportunidades; ela não só permite aos nossos clientes reduzirem o seu consumo de materiais e energia, como também os ajuda a utilizar novas e melhores técnicas, que torna os produtos finais mais eficientes e mais baratos.

Acreditamos que o potencial inerente aos pós metálicos pode ser utilizado em uma escala muito mais ampla do que a atual. Também não nos resta dúvidas de que os pós metálicos podem contribuir para um desenvolvimento sustentável. Com as soluções em pós metálicos, podemos contribuir para solucionar muitos dos desafios enfrentados pela sociedade, tais como a escassez de recursos e de água potável e a necessidade de energias renováveis.

“Inspiramos a indústria a fazer mais com menos porque queremos criar um mundo sustentável para as gerações futuras.”