23/02/2016 Soft magnetic composites,Automotive & Transportation

Powerful with Somaloy®

In the spring of 2015 the Swedish hyper car manufacturer Koenigsegg presented their latest model “Regera” featuring 1500 hp or 1.1 MW, thus being the most powerful street legal production car ever made.

Direct drive, without a gearbox, it operates in regular city traffic as well as on a race track and accelerates 0-400 km/h in less than 20 sec.

The secret is a unique drive train using a combustion V8 combined with three extremely compact axial flux electric motors from YASA Motors Ltd., each containing Somaloy® 5P components, pressed and produced by SG Technologies.

“Somaloy® is an excellent match with the YASA topology. The low losses and the manufacturability compared to laminations are important to us but so is the mechanical strength of the material. The result is a high-performance e-motor that is also very durable in a road car environment,” says Dr. Tim Woolmer, CTO and Founder YASA Motors Ltd.