2018/11/23 Corporate,Sustainability

Höganäs receives Region Skåne’s honorary environmental prize

On Thursday 22 November, Höganäs and our energy coordinator Magnus Pettersson received Region Skåne’s honorary environmental prize. Behind this is the work on the new energy plant for renewable energy gas, which means that Höganäs is leading the way in reducing greenhouse gas emissions from Swedish base industry.

The honorary environmental prize goes to a person who, within the framework of their position, has driven and made valuable contributions in the environmental area.

“We’re extremely proud of the prize and delighted that Höganäs’ work to become a sustainable company has been acknowledged. A big thank-you to everyone within Höganäs and at Cortus Energy who is working to realise this plant and to adapt our business so that the technology will work,” says Magnus Pettersson.

Every year Region Skåne presents prizes, grants and honourable mentions to people who have in various ways contributed to making Skåne, and the world, a little bit more beautiful and a little bit more environment-friendly. A number of different prizes were presented at the event in the areas of environment, design and architecture.

“I’m absolutely delighted to be able to present these winners. They represent an expansive and sustainable Skåne. A place where there is scope for creativity and boldness,” says Ulrika Geeraedts, Regional Development Director, Region Skåne.

Region Skåne’s environmental prize for 2018 was awarded to the urban farm Los Perros Urban Farming and the sustainable interior design studio “Ett hem att trivas I”. The honorary prize went to Magnus Pettersson and Höganäs.



About Region Skåne

Region Skåne is responsible for healthcare and public transport, business development, culture, infrastructure, social planning and environmental and climate-related issues in the region of Skåne in Sweden. Together with the municipalities in Skåne, institutes of higher education, organisations and trade and industry, Region Skåne operates on a broad front to create health, development and sustainable growth in Skåne.



Emma Lefdal
VP Corporate Communications