2015/2/10 Petrit,Construction & Mining

Residual products finds new use

PetritTM E, a product made from residual material generated by Höganäs atomizing plant in Halmstad, is now used in the production of stone wool. Sales volumes are expected to double during the coming year.

PetritTM E is made from slag from the arc furnace in Halmstad, Sweden. The furnace generates around 13,000 tonnes of slag each year. Expectations are that most of it will be sold as PetritTM E for stone wool production. PetritTM E contains some iron oxide which makes it well suited for the production of stone wool as it makes the wool more resistant to fire.

Stone wool with PetritTM E becomes more fire resistant.


–Last year we delivered around 5,000 tonnes of PetritTM E for mineral wool production, says Björn Haase, Manager Non Metal Products. We believe we will be able to double that number this year. For Höganäs the benefits with PetritTM E are several; there is a sale revenue, and we also save money by not having to dispose of the slag. We are one step closer to our vision of generating Zero Waste.


Emma Lefdal
VP Corporate Communications