2015/01/22 Innovations,Corporate

Ulf Engström awarded the Kami prize

Ulf Engström, research engineer at Höganäs, is awarded the Kami Research Foundation’s prize for 2015. The award, amounting to SEK 1 million, is given to him for his work on developing the iron powder process and his efforts to spread the knowledge globally.

– Powder metallurgy was a fairly limited area when I started and it has been an exciting journey, says Ulf Engström. This is an honour for me, and for Höganäs. We have initiated and driven most of the development in the field and of course, not only one man has done the job.

The Kami Research Foundation’s prize is awarded annually and is a reward for a scientific researcher who has laid the foundation for a commercially successful technological development within the Swedish steel and metal industry. The purpose is to honour individuals who have made significant contributions to further the industry.

– The fact that Ulf Engström wins the Kami prize is not only a well-deserved personal accomplishment; it is also a success for Höganäs, Melker Jernberg, President and CEO of Höganäs. We strive to be an innovative company and this award shows that we have employees and ways of working that encourage and drive innovation.

Ulf Engström has worked for Höganäs since 1977. During many years we managed Höganäs’ development of metal powders for sinter steels. For example he was one of the first in the world to use binders to create homogenous powder mixes, which today are delivered to customers around the world under the trademark Starmix®. Ulf has also been instrumental in the development of alloys and was part of the teams behind several of Höganäs’ most successful products, e.g. Distaloy® and Astaloy®.

– Thanks to Ulf’s work the metal powder business could grow as fast as it did during many years, says Hans Söderhjelm, Vice President Market & Product Development. With his humble manners he has always been a fantastic role model for many of us younger engineers who have worked with him over the years.

Ulf has been strongly involved in spreading new technological innovations to Höganäs’ customers globally. During the early 2000’s he lived the USA and launched new powder technologies on the American market. He is also one of the initiators to the concept of PM schools; powder metallurgy courses arranged for Höganäs’ customers around the world.
Ulf has also supported the creation of the Höganäs PoP Centre, a development centre in Höganäs where customers together with Höganäs’ experts can test new powders for present applications or develop new applications using iron powders.

Today Ulf Engström lives in Shanghai, China, where he is heading up the Tech Centre and developing the company’s metal powder and sinter steel business on the Asian market.

The jury statement

Ulf Engström is a awarded the prize “For developing the iron powder process to powder steel through stabilizing powder mixes and alloys for machining and for strength, followed by spreading for technical innovations to global customers through PM schools and the PoP Centre.”

The Kami prize

The Kami prize is a awarded annually as reward for a scientific researcher who has laid the foundation for a commercially successful technological development within the Swedish steel and metal industry. The purpose of the prize is to honour individuals who have made major contributions to furthering the business and also to draw attention to institutions, companies and co-workers who have been involved in the research and development. The prize is awarded by the Kami Research Foundation, which started in 1980 through a donation from the Swedish company Kalix Mekaniska Industrier AB. The prize is awarded at yearly event for the Swedish steel and metal business, this year on 24 January.


Emma Lefdal
VP Corporate Communications