2013/12/05 Corporate

New Flow rate analysis method for customer mixes

As a response to the new standard for Flow analysis of metal powder mixes, published by the ISO Committee on the 1st of May 2013, Höganäs has decided to change its method of analysing the flow rate on customer mixes.

The new method, Flow Gustavsson (ISO 13517:2013), was implemented on the 1st of September and has since, after customer approval, been used to analyse the flow rate on all new customer mixes.

- The main technical difference between the two methods is that the cone angle for Flow Gustavsson is 30° which is half the angle of Flow Hall, says Product Manager Mixes Georgia Gahnsby, Höganäs Global Development.

The change from the Flow Hall (ISO 4490) method to Flow Gustavsson only concerns the method of analysis, thus not affecting the quality of the mixes in any way. The main benefit with the new method is that the produced mass flow provides continuous flow and eliminates the formation of rat holes observed in the Hall funnel flow.

Since the inclination for flow stop is much smaller with Flow Gustavsson, the method can be used to measure a wider range of powder mixes and it is better suited for characterisation of press-ready mixes. Flow Hall will continue to be used for powders not containing any additives.

In the same fashion as existing funnel flow models (Hall and Carney), the new method has been named after its main developer, in this case Höganäs Quality Control Manager Stefan Gustavsson.


Emma Lefdal
VP Corporate Communications