2014/12/11 Innovations,Corporate

Senad Dizdar awarded title as docent at KTH

Höganäs’ Senad Dizdar has been awarded the title docent at KTH, the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology. Docent is the highest scientific title awarded to someone who is not employed at a university.

Senad Dizdar, development engineer at Höganäs, can now add docent in Tribology to his list of merits.

– I’m very happy as it is a professional acknowledgement, says Senad Dizdar. There is a lot of work leading up to this, which includes peer reviewed technical papers published in scientific journals. These publications and the quality of results are one requirement before one is considered for this degree.

The title docent is above all an acknowledgement, but also gives the right to teach and supervise on all university levels, as well as serve as faculty examiner and participate in grading committees during public defense of doctoral thesis.

– For Höganäs, this means that I can, in cooperation with KTH, supervise PhD students, says Senad who has already received a number of inquiries to hold guest lectures.

To be admitted as docent the applicant needs, besides a PhD, to be profoundly versed in his or her research during a number of years. KTH also require publications in internationally recognised journals. A docent committee at the school assesses the candidates. The applicant’s scientific merits and teaching qualifications, including a test in the form of a guest lecture, is examined by one or several experts. Their statements then form the basis for who is admitted.

Senad Dizdar


Emma Lefdal
VP Corporate Communications