2018/06/19 Corporate,Sustainability

Inauguration of the world’s first renewable energy plant for the steel industry in Höganäs

On June 19, Cortus Energy AB and Höganäs AB inaugurated the world’s first plant for demonstrating, on an industrial scale, fossil-free steel production based on gasification of biomass by using a new technology. This technology could revolutionise the steel industry’s work on phasing out fossil natural gas and coke.

Inauguration of the world’s first renewable energy plant for the steel industry in Höganäs

The plant gasifies biomass to energy gas which will replace natural gas in Höganäs AB’s metal powder production. Cortus Energy’s unique gasifying process Woodroll® is gasifying the biomass. Cortus Energy has delivered, installed and will run the plant on Höganäs AB’s area. When the new plant is in full operation, Höganäs will reduce its carbone dioxide emission with 10 000 ton yearly.

150 invited guests and press was welcomed by Höganäs’ CEO Fredrik Emilson. Helén Axelsson, Energy and Environmental director at Jernkontoret (association for the Swedish steel industry) talked about the steel industry’s action plan towards a fossil free steel production. Magnus Petterson, Energy Coordinator at Höganäs and Rolf Ljunggren, CEO Cortus Energy, reflected on the project, from idea to reality.

‘The inauguration of our first industrial Woodroll® is a milestone for our company. We are grateful that Höganäs AB are a part of this project. After the summer we start the commissioning of the plant so that Höganäs can demonstrate how fossil free steel production can be realized during the fall’, says Rolf Ljunggren, CEO Cortus Energy.

Peter Wallenberg Jr chairman of the foundation FAM, joint owner of Höganäs AB, and Maria Wetterstand, board member Cortus Energy, held their inauguration speeches before the ribbon was cut. After that the guest got a tour of the new plant.

‘The steel industry is energy demanding and within Höganäs we have put on the leader shirt for a fossil free future within the business. We have got the advantage to use Cortus’ new technique, which will help us take a huge step forward on our sustainability journey, says Nicklas Lång, Sustainability Manager at Höganäs. 

For more information, please contact:
Ulrika Rask-Lindholm, Communications Director Höganäs AB, tel 042- 33 84 55, Ulrika.Rask-Lindholm@hoganas.com

Magnus Pettersson, Energy coordinator Höganäs AB, tel: 042-33 80 72, magnus.pettersson@hoganas.com

Rolf Ljunggren, CEO Cortus Energy, tel: 08- 588 866 31, rolf.ljunggren@cortus.se


Emma Lefdal
VP Corporate Communications