15/11/2000 Pressing & Sintering

Experience with Warm Compaction of Densmix Powders in the Production of Complex Parts

PM2000, in Kyoto, Japan. Authors: Ulf Engström, Björn Johansson. Warm compaction of Densmix™ powders provides means to produce PM parts with uniform densities up to 7,4 g/cm³. As most properties are improved by increased density this compaction technology offers new possibilities of increasing the competitiveness of PM compared to other manufacturing techniques.  In this paper the experience of using warm compaction of Densmix™ powders in production is described. A number of different parts that have been developed during the last years and now are in production will be presented together with material properties and component performances. Process robustness and process capability as well as the benefits that have been experienced with warm compaction are also discussed. The economical advantage of warm compaction compared to other manufacturing methods is also considered.