2018/11/1 Soft magnetic composites

Design and Implementation of SMC Components for an Automotive Electric Water Pump

The automotive electrification open doors for new powder materials, manufacturing methods and assembly routines that are found to be very cost-effective. Soft-magnetic composites (SMC) show great potential to fulfill these demands by both significant size- and weight reduction of the active parts in the electromagnetic circuit. The result will not appear by using traditional thinking but will require openness towards both new routes and new investments to deliver the desired values. The new SMC components must be designed to enhance both magnetic performance, as well as the production of components and assembly into applications and systems to improve productivity and save costs. This case study provides an analysis and overview of the route to produce an
SMC based electric motor for an automotive cooling water pump to fit in a hybrid or full electric car. The results of the study show a concurrent engineering approach for creating an optimized magnetic design combined with component and tooling design adapted for high-volume production. The SMC component is further matched to a dedicated press showing the way to a high efficient manufacturing line that can meet the demands of higher quality and cost-effectiveness. The performance of the motor is verified by prototypes made from net-shaped pressed SMC components. The outcome of the study is aimed to advise a state-of art SMC component process including design, manufacturing and assembly aspects for a potential automotive electrification application