2000/6/2 Pressing & Sintering

Material for Warm Compacted Heavy Truck Transmission Part

PM² TEC 2000, in New York, USA. Authors: Paul Skoglund, Sven Bengtsson, Magnus Bergström. P/M steel synchronizing parts for automotive transmissions are commonly used in passenger cars today, but larger and more stressed parts such as those used in transmissions for heavy trucks can also be realized. A synchronizing latch cone aimed for the gear switch in a 500 bhp heavy truck is a highly stressed component. In a feasibility study prototype latch cones of Fe-Cu-Ni-Mo material were warm compacted to high density. The prototypes were evaluated with respect to material properties and dimensions.The warm compacted latch cone met all the requirements, including a gear box test and is therefore an interesting alternative offering cost savings compared to existing methods.