2006/6/21 Pressing & Sintering

Mechanical Properties of High Performance Chromium Materials

Two important areas for the growth of PM are increased performance and improved cost effectiveness. Chromium is an alloying element that can help to achieve these goals. Chromium has positive effects on the final properties of steels while being historically less susceptible to fluctuations in cost. This paper will discuss the properties achievable using two chromium steels being standardized, FL-5208 and FL-5305. FL-5208 is a fully pre-alloyed PM steel based on 1.5% Cr and 0.2% Mo. FL-5305 is a fully pre-alloyed PM steel based on 3.0% Cr and 0.5% Mo. Both of these materials exhibit a combination of high material properties and versatility. Static and dynamic material properties achievable by these materials using conventional sintering and high temperature conditions as well as sinter hardening will be discussed.