27.09.2013 Automotive & Transportation

Höganäs electric motor behind efficiency record

The Höganäs electric motor was chosen for a concept vehicle used in the Shell Eco-marathon.

The competition challenges student teams from around the world to design, build and test ultra energy-efficient vehicles. During the competition, cars have to keep an average speed of at least 15 mph over a distance of 10 miles. At the end of the course, the teams that go the furthest using the least amount of energy are announced as winners.

The European competition this year took place in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The Elba car, powered by the Höganäs electric motor and driven by students from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm (KTH), finished 5th in the Urban Concept category. However, it was the best solely battery-driven (not using additional solar power) car in the competition. Moreover, thanks to the high efficiency of the Höganäs motor, the students managed to break a new Swedish national efficiency record by reaching 175km/kWh.

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