Effective powder management

– for AM powder handling

Move your AM production into industrial scale with this powder handling system

Thinking of scaling up your additive manufacturing production of parts or components? Höganäs has created a new and time-saving AM powder handling system. This smart packaging and material-handling solution features efficient shipping, smarter and easier handling at printer stations and minimized waste.

The AM powder handling concept includes a new type of package, specially developed for protecting additive manufacturing powders. The flexbag comes in two sizes, 200 and 500 kg, and is loaded onto a discharging unit, which can be connected to any type of hopper used in production. Once connected to the powerful discharging unit, the powder handling system allows completely dust-free discharge of powder. It is completely tight and proven with deliveries of very sensitive material overseas.

AM powder handling system

This concept makes industrialization of additive manufacturing production possible. In addition, the powder management solution is easily adapted for any scale and AM system.

The new AM powder handling system allows for efficient shipping of powder, including possibilities to monitor the position and transport environment, vendor-managed inventory and minimized waste of both bulky packaging material and transport of dead volume and weight.

Höganäs develops metal powders for all major additive manufacturing processes, such as laser metal deposition, selective laser melting, electron beam melting and cold spraying.

Höganäs offers a broad portfolio of metal 3D printing powders, from consistent and cost-effective volume products to customized powders using the most advanced technologies available, including vacuum induction melting inert gas atomization (VIGA).

AM powder handling

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Technical area: 增材制造
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