06.09.2021 News

Höganäs settles supply agreement with US-based KBM Advanced Materials that launches new sales platform for additive manufacturing powder

KBM Advanced Materials LLC has launched a new operation dedicated to the sale and distribution of metal powders for additive manufacturing. They will offer products and services to the consumers of these powders in USA and Canada as a first step. The agreement includes powders both for additive manufacturing (AM) and metal injection moulding (MIM). Höganäs is proud to announce that we are one of the partners in this exciting venture.

The goal of KBM is to use its unique distribution network to bridge the gap between a dispersed customer base and the metal powder producers. The business model is set to work well for the customers and the inventory providers. On the customer side, they will have access to the best products available and will be able to get fast, accurate quotes based on their needs. For manufacturers, it means a larger customer base with huge amounts of potential.

Höganäs will be able to reach new customers through KBM’s innovative offering, and the business model will support larger orders which allow KBM to have large amounts of stock available for order at any given time. This means customers can get their metal powder quickly and efficiently, while Höganäs benefits from regular, predictable order patterns.

“Höganäs and KBM are a great culture fit for each other, as both companies emphasize offering superior service and creating value for our customers,” says Jerome Stanley, Director of Global Sales for Customization Technologies. “Höganäs’ high quality products, broad capabilities, large scale, and global footprint coupled with a tech savvy, nimble and service focused distribution partner in KBM creates a very attractive offering for all customers regardless of the scale of their operations.”

Support for KBM includes equity investment from Koch Metallics, LLC, a subsidiary of Koch Minerals & Trading, LLC, and Sumitomo Corporation of Americas is acting as a supply chain partner. KBM hosted an official launch on 20 May 2021 and looks set to revolutionise metal powder distribution in the USA.

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