05.05.2017 Corporate

Bo Hu receives 2017 Ulf Engström Award

The Ulf Engström Award 2017 has been awarded to Bo Hu, who works with product development in North America.

The jury cited Hu's ground breaking work and "continuous superior technical support" in their motivation, also recognizing how generously he shares his knowledge and listens to other people's views.

Staffan Bohman, Chairman of Höganäs Board of Directors, Bo Hu, Melker Jernberg, CEO and Dean Howard, President Business Area Automotive Americas.

Bo Hu received the Ulf Engström Award 2017 for his contributions to both Höganäs and the powder metallurgy (PM) industry. While at Höganäs, Bo has worked to develop a line of Super Machinability (SM) additives that help PM customers in the automobile and related industries machine their products more efficiently and consistently. Bo's work developing the SM3, SM4, and Stainless Steel EZ has been wildly successful. When SM3 was unveiled in 2010, it became one of the most successful new products launched by Höganäs in the past 20 years in terms of increased sales and added value for customers.

Roland Warzel was one of several colleagues nominating Hu for the honour, wrote that the additive is only one part of Bo's successful formula.

"Bo's knowledge on machining and how to optimize the machining process to maximize the additive benefit is a key differentiation which our competition cannot match." Warzel stated in his nomination letter.

"It is very important to work with the customer in an actual manufacturing environment. We do research and have the depth of understanding of the materials. But the machinist doesn't know the material and the material engineer doesn't know machining. It's very complicated, and kind of a mystery. It's not just the materials, it's the tools and the conditions. We try to fill the gaps," Bo Hu says. The jury cited Bo's ground breaking work and "continuous superior technical support", but also recognised Bo's humility.

"Bo generously shares his knowledge with his colleagues and listens to other people's views," the jury wrote. "Bo never looks for individual accolades, but insists on a team aspect of successes."

Facts about the Ulf Engström Award

Höganäs established the Ulf Engström Award in 2016 to encourage and recognise employee contributions to technical advancements and expanded commercial use of PM technology.


Emma Lefdal
VP Corporate Communications