02.02.2018 Corporate

Höganäs AB acquires high-end tooling company Alvier PM-Technology

Höganäs acquires 100 percent of Swiss tooling company Alvier PM-Technology. Alvier develops and produces high-quality, innovative and complex tooling solutions for powder metallurgy.

“With this acquisition Höganäs wishes to secure Alvier’s continued development as an outstanding tool engineering company, providing world class support to PM customer and Industry and allowing new innovations to be realized within Mechanical as well as Electromagnetic automotive applications”, says Fredrik Emilson, Höganäs CEO.

Alvier PM-Technology is Europe’s largest PM tooling manufacturer and was founded 30 years ago in Buchs, Switzerland. It is today regarded as the world’s leading independent provider of PM and SMC (Soft Magnetic Composite) tooling solutions. Its solutions focus on the entire value chain, from engineering and manufacturing to installation and customer service and training.

Peter Rauch, CEO Alvier PM-Technology“The Alvier team is pleased to continue its work with a strong and reliable owner in the background. Our company now has optimal conditions for further innovative development in the exciting world of powder metallurgy”, says Peter Rauch, CEO Alvier.

Höganäs and Alvier have collaborated since 2005 in projects advancing what is possible within PM technology. For instance, Alvier equipped Höganäs’ PoP Centre in Höganäs, Sweden, with state-of-the-art tools in presses. In 2012 the two companies joined forces with other partners in the industry to re-engineer the first automotive manual transmission equipped with PM gear technology.

“We see a great potential in Alvier’s offering by fully exploring optimal combinations of powder and tool in the compaction process. Alvier will also be vital to our efforts to apply new digital technology in future process and material solutions”, says Fredrik Emilson. “Höganäs will support Alvier’s development and global ambitions so that it remains a strong and independent player.”

The acquisition takes effect January 31, 2018. All Alvier’s customer relationships continue as today.

For more information

Höganäs AB: Ulrika Rask-Lindholm, Senior Vice President Communications, +46 42 33 80 00, ulrika.rask-lindholm@hoganas.com

Alvier PM Technology: Peter Rauch, CEO, +41 81 750 07 50, peter.rauch@alvier.com

About Alvier AG PM-Technology
Based on more than 30 years of experience dedicated to the PM industry, it’s unique range of products and services and the most modern tool production technologies, Alvier is the leading expert to support the PM part makers in the development of complex PM parts.

With all the benefits of its location in Switzerland, Alvier has looked to international markets, and currently operates on behalf of customers across four continents and in more than 20 countries. The majority of the customer relationships are long-term.

However, none of this is by accident, for the Alvier team brings together the most up to date expertise and many years of experience, coupled with commitment and passion.




Emma Lefdal
VP Corporate Communications