08.02.2022 News

Höganäs joins the Additive Manufacturing Green Trade Association as a founding member

The Additive Manufacturing Green Trade Association (AMGTA) was initially launched in 2019, and its goal is to raise awareness of how additive manufacturing can help improve sustainability across a range of industries. Höganäs is proud to announce that it has joined the initiative as a founding member.

Höganäs joins the Additive Manufacturing Green Trade Association as a founding member

The purpose of the AMGTA is to educate the public and industry about the potential positive environmental benefits when utilising additive manufacturing as opposed to more traditional methods. As founding members, Höganäs has representation on the board of the AMGTA which will facilitate close collaboration and allow Höganäs to provide essential input for how to promote and improve sustainability through leveraging the benefits of additive manufacturing.

The long-term goals of the AMGTA are to develop best practices for additive manufacturing, as well as to drive sustainability initiatives and promote the reduction of environmental impact from manufacturing in general. In order to accomplish these goals, the AMGTA will engage in marketing and advertising campaigns, sponsor and conduct research and publish the results, and grow the organisation’s membership.

As a powder metal manufacturer with ambitious sustainability goals, as well as clear plans to achieve them, Höganäs can help drive various industry-wide initiatives while providing support in terms of data and research. The goal is not just to promote additive manufacturing’s existing benefits to sustainability, but to help drive change which leads to an even more environmentally friendly way forward.

“As a sustainability leader in our industry, we believe we can really accelerate and contribute to the AMGTA’s mission,” says Kennet Almkvist, President of Customization Technologies. “We see it as our responsibility to drive sustainability initiatives, and working alongside the AMGTA will only help to achieve these ambitions.”


Emma Lefdal
VP Corporate Communications