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Launching the new high precision toolbox for Fe+Cu+C mixes

Höganäs is the world leader in metal powder technology and the main driver of the development of metal powder solutions. Our latest innovation, the new high precision toolbox for Fe+Cu+C mixes, significantly widens their application areas, taking powder metallurgy to a higher level.

As sintered components get more and more complex in geometry, resulting in deep and narrow filling gaps, the use of powder mixes providing superior filling performance and no or limited segregation is essential.

Höganäs’ new high precision toolbox for customising Fe+Cu+C mixes is a proof of our constant search for solutions that will take powder metallurgy to the next level. Providing benefits such as significantly improved dimensional stability and copper distribution it enables production with extremely high tolerances, minimum scrap and less machining.

Newly developed lubricants, free from metal soaps, promote stain-free surfaces and less furnace maintenance. They also eliminate zinc emissions, thereby contributing to sustainability.

“Our first experience of the new high precision toolbox comes from trying to improve the production performance of an existing Sint-D 11 mix”, says Mr Herrmann, Plant Manager SHW. “Initial large-scale production tests show very promising results. We hope to be able to confirm these findings as soon as possible and start using the mix in our daily production.”

“What we have done is actually pretty remarkable”, says Caroline Larsson of Höganäs’ Commercial department. “We have, for example, managed to improve the dimensional stability of Fe+Cu+C mixes by 40%. Some people said it was impossible, but guess what, we just did it.”

“Fe+Cu+C is the most common alloy system used in powder metallurgy”, continues Caroline Larsson. “With the new high precision toolbox we make it possible for our customers to extend its applications even further. ”

Read more about the toolbox at www.hoganas.com/toolbox

Please state your interest in the high precision toolbox and you will be contacted after World PM2016.

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