10.03.2017 Brazing

Höganäs introduces new magnum cartridge

Höganäs introduced a magnum cartridge, to meet the demands of customers needing a high volume paste. This new magnum cartridge is available for automated dispensing, printing, and roller coating of brazing pastes.

Listening to the needs of our customers is our top priority, not only in the development of our brazing pastes, but also in their packaging requirements. Our packaging is designed around the needs and requirements of our customer´s workflow. Furthermore, our design is robust in nature, which ensures safe transportation.

Our packaging ranges from syringes and small cans, used for deliveries of samples, to bigger cans and buckets that cover larger volume and demand. In addition to these, we also provide different sizes of cartridges that ensure a clean handling of the paste.

Depending on the type of brazing paste, our new magnum cartridge will accommodate 8-12kg of paste.

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Emma Lefdal
VP Corporate Communications