25.07.2018 Corporate,Environmental

Höganäs’ Cleanit® LC Technology Receives Conditional Approval from the California EPA

Höganäs announces its conditional approval by the California Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for its Cleanit® LC technology, a groundbreaking process solution created to rid drinking water of contaminants such as hexavalent chromium, arsenic, lead, selenium, phosphates and radioactive isotopes. Following independent evaluation of a two-phase conditional acceptance challenge study, California’s EPA determined that Höganäs’ Cleanit LC is a cost-effective, safe technology for hexavalent chromium treatment and that it can be used by public water systems in California.

For the study, Höganäs demonstrated the effectiveness of its Cleanit LC technology at a difficult to treat Well 14 in Los Banos, California from May 2016 through February 2017. During testing, the water has shown invariably non-detect levels of hexavalent chromium and arsenic.

“We’re thrilled to receive conditional approval from the California EPA for Cleanit LC, one of the most difficult approvals to seek from the globally respected agency. This proclamation enables Höganäs to further share its technology with cities in need of innovative solutions to provide clean drinking water to their residents,” said Avinash Gore, president of Höganäs’ environmental business area. “The Maximum Contaminant Level currently allowed by regulation is 50 ppb and we consistently demonstrated zero ppb. Our future proof technology can cover any and all standards that may emerge in the next 20 to 50 years, and our next steps are to pursue a couple commercial plants and installations in progress toward unconditional approval.”

The Höganäs Cleanit LC technology is comprised of a specially engineered, zero valent iron media. The porous iron composite material exhibits higher reactivity than other zero valence iron media available on the market. Additionally, it consumes significantly less energy, offering 100 percent environmentally friendly technology at an attractive lifecycle cost. Cleanit LC is already NSF/ANSI Standard 61 approved, and it can be retrofitted into an existing water treatment system.

Cleanit LC has the potential to revolutionize water treatment, removing multiple contaminants in a simple one step solution that is cost competitive. Höganäs is currently in discussions with a few municipalities in California to install a commercial scale plant to showcase Cleanit LC technology and its benefits.

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